R.A.T.T. @ the Polish Club, Bradford, 21/2/09

"...The Kingcrows next and if you have any doubts before I start the review read this little self descriptive text taken from their Myspace page - 'THE KINGCROWS are the product of a sick mind - specifically that of RATBAG, veteran of the Leeds rock scene and former drummer of such bands as Sticky Fingers, Assassination Bureau and the Poison Hearts. The plan was to form a band who combined the energy of punk, the flash of sleaze and the sheer reckless abandon of being in a band with no aspirations towards a career or commercial acceptance - simply the rush of playing noisy, filthy rock 'n' roll for the pure hell of it.' - just about sums it up for me.

I liked this lot a lot and why I didn't pick up a fuckin' CD is beyond me but these moments of idiocy happen quite regularly. Stupid twat! Anyway the glamorised punk machine really made an impression with me and a few early hiccups were overcome and a 5 star fuel was burned bright with some solid riffs, punky rhythms and downright poser behaviour. These guys looked the rockstar part but not to the point of being ridiculously affected and I would be more than happy to check em' out again and give them a gig or two along the line. 'Revolution Street' seemed the most popular tonight bit for me 'Insult And Injury' made the mark. The frontman oozed confidence, the guitar and bass held their ground and the drummer was mightily effective and sported a topper with fashionable aplomb. All components fitted neatly together and the finale cover of 'Stepping Stone' was delivered just perfectly and reinforced my belief of a decent crew. In fact as people know I am not a fan of covers but I do think the odd one thrown in is always necessary to prick the crowds interest - this did just that and more. Why the crowd remained to the rear of the room was beyond me but it wasn't the first or will be the last time I have witnessed this odd reluctant behaviour."



The Jockey, Wakefield, 6/6/09

"...The Kingcrows kicked off the night with what was a really spot on outpouring of punk rock glamour. Every tune was spot on the mark and played with nice precision. The frontman (Phil E. Stine) held fort and has a good stage presence that catches the eye - oh and he can sing too (always a bonus). I liked this very much and so did my good lady and sharp-eared daughter (they know their punk ya buggers). Good tuneful composites with a super abundance of melodic meat on the bone. There were plenty of new songs thrown into the mix with 'Sex Oui' and 'Magdelene' the pick. 'Revolution Street' rocked as per usual and the last song (of which I missed the title - perhaps called 'The Letter') closed a concrete collection with class. Pity 'Insult And Injury' was missing as this is a personal fave but I have no complaints with what I saw whatsoever and judging on punter feedback afterwards neither did anyone else (I should think fuckin' not). Nice set of lads too so get booking em' you promoting punkers."



The RATT Club August Bank Holiday All Dayer @ the Polish Club, Bradford 29/8/09

"...Next were one of my fave bands of the moment, namely The Kingcrows. I fuckin' love this outfit and like the effort they put into the shows both artistically and fashion wise. They look the part and sound the part and have some unorthodox songs that have their own distinct sound. One of the great puzzles of the moment is why they are not doing better than they are as regards attention and support. We know the crack though and such is our scene. Anyway this was cock solid and the picks for me were 'Magdalene' and 'Insult and Injury' although no bad eggs were found in the freshly laid batch of belters. Another piss break and natter caused me to miss the concrete 'Sex Oui' (to be honest 'Sex Wee' would have been more apt) but the guys played it again as an encore and I fuckin' lapped it up (no not the wee the song you deviant twats). Brilliant, and me and my family are Kingcrows fans for good I reckon. Good chaps too and hopefully next year they can spread their wings and peck away at pastures new. The new CD is worth picking up by the way and a review has been written on this site - simple really - read, order, receive and enjoy - go on you know you want to."




Star & Garter, Manchester - STP Xmas show, 18.12.11

...The more glam rock end of the punk spectrum is represented by Leeds outfit, The Kingcrows. "It's our 5th anniversary gig and nobody knows who the F^^^ we are," announces Phil E Stine, their vocalist. Cheers and jovial jeers are returned. With Stine's bottle blonde hair and black eye shades, allied to the white, tight pants with their thin, black vertical stripes on, which belong to bassist Rocco, they do make a striking impression, one that's not easy to forget.

"Anyone here like Country and Western?" Stine asks - knowing full well what the answer is. "Good, 'cause we don't do it," is the next line that serves as the introduction to start their aural onslaught. Backed up by Rocco on bass and Lee on guitar, it's a loud and intense affair, even at the back alongside the mixing desk. Yet there are faithful followers stood next to the stage savouring the performance, especially when the lyrics include the refrain: "Shit shit shit".

- GED CAMERA, Now Then Manchester


Brudenell Social Club, Leeds (supp The Rezillos), 16.6.12

"...However, before the Rezillos grace the Brudenell Social Club stage, 
The Kingcrows are given the job of livening up the steadily growing crowd with their inimitable style of dirty punk rock n roll. It really is nice to see a band throw themselves completely into their performance, especially when it's one that possesses an arsenal of really strong tunes. 'Party' and 'Renegades' from latest album 'Up Before The Beak' get fired into the audience with very pleasing results. It's an excellent performance by a very fine band, one that was full of vitality and panache and by the end of their set the crowd show some real appreciation for The Kingcrows' lean mean rock n roll."

Phil King - Mudkiss fanzine


Trades Club, Hebden Bridge (supp Rat Scabies/Brian James), 29.6.12

"We get to the gig in time to catch the two support bands; Elvis Knievel, a dynamic three piece who kick the evening off with some lusty Buzzcocks/Green Day type big tune punk, and Kingcrows who whip the gathering audience up with some impeccably delivered shoutalong chorus punk - big attitude with big hair and hats. Two excellent hors d'oeuvres."

Phillip Thompson,


The Star and Garter, Manchester - 27.1.13

"It had been a hard weekend with various let downs and bodily aches but I deemed it necessary to make the gig in question so as to support Stu Taylor and his grand endeavours, to see a couple of new bands and keep my thirst slaked and to also support The Kingcrows, a band I have dealt with many times, have enjoyed equally and have seen rise up from a few lowly attended gigs with little interest to a fine band with a few keen followers. Would tonight give them due attention and praise they deserve and would I be as impressed as ever?

The opening band did their thing, many liked, some (like myself) found it routine and so it was left to The Kingcrows to raise my interest levels. One thing you can say about this crew is that they certainly look like a good old rock and roll band and certainly make the effort in appearance when on stage. They all look very much part of a team and seemed tonight even more relaxed than ever before. 'Magdelene' was the first moment of inspiring noise with an incessant drive, a throat grabbing impact that sets the standard and with the lads all in time and lashing out in grand as ever style. 'Down For The Count' and 'Party' slammed home the fact that this was gonna be a belter but where the fuck was the crowd? What a shame - the band were blazing a white hot trail tonight! 'Dancing on Momma's Grave' shows a darker side to the band and opens up new obvious vistas which the band should bloody well chase down - a classic horror song. 'West City One' came and continued an exact flow, 'Gonna Grow Up One Day' is a peach and exemplified the bands song writing skills as did the catchy thrust of 'Don't You Know', one of the bands solid tracks. This set was steaming and I was firmly of the opinion that I hadn't seen The Kingcrows put in a finer bout of musical magnificence. A new song snuck in, namely 'Sick Of Love Songs' a glint of new material, an obvious point made that we are in for yet more recorded treats. 'One Of The Boys' altered the tone, a unifying almost terrace chant seemingly more suitable to an Oi gig - the band mix the melodies and flavours so well though nothing seems out of place. 'Sex Oui' is a classic and was dedicated to a familiar face on the scene who has a reputation for stalking female fronted bands - it isn't done in a sinister way and he is such a jolly nice chap. Fuckin' great song though this and the band jack-hammered it, much to everyone's delight. The set came to a close - 2 fines songs, one a cover dedicated to yours truly - the bastards - I hate covers but gotta hold my hands up to this one - I was far too won over to put up any form of a fight. A spot on, to be proud of set - full stop, end of, there ya fuckin' well go.

The lads in the band are some of the nicest on the circuit and I personally back em' all the way. I feel though they are getting clogged down in a circuit they could easily fly outside of and surely some good old rock and roll nights and definitely some psychobilly jaunts would welcome this lot with open arms. Why not - a host of great songs, easy to work with and utterly entertaining. I love 'live' music and when it's this good feel it necessary to do my small, humble bit - this is it - I hope you are convinced.  One of the best underdog bands I have dealt with - cheers chaps!"

Fungalpunk OMD,


The Star and Garter, Manchester - 27.1.13 

"Leeds outfit the Kingcrows delivered up a thunderous and enthusiastic slab of noise, punctuated by much humorous banter, which was enough to make any audience member forget the rain and cold of the gloomy night outside. Their style slewed from a solid Ramones type backbeat into more stark Cramps like rhythms, albeit, with a heavier 'rock style' guitar deftly butchered and packaged by guitarist Lee J. Tracks 'Gonna Grow up One Day', off their new single, and 'Party' seem set to be future punk crowd pleasers." 

Dave Carmichael, NI PUNK

Yorkshire quartet The Kingcrows are the penultimate band on today’s bill and they are bringing their full tilt fucked up rock ‘n roll, along with the biggest amps of anyone on today’s line up, to Punk Rock Sunday 10. Collectively they resemble a biker gang that has been culled from different eras, and whilst it’s obvious that they’re no angels it’s clear that they’re here to raise a little good natured hell. The opening number, Psycho Radio, indicates that they channel the excesses of the likes of Motörhead and The Wildhearts via a transatlantic punk soundtrack that encompasses The Anti Nowhere League, Ramones, Rancid and The Dead Boys, and they deliver every single number with a hedonistic zeal that indicates this is a band that loves what they do, and you can’t help but feel the same way. 

The Kingcrows throw brand new material into their set from their shortly to be recorded and as yet untitled new album, and it’s no surprise that the new songs blended into their set perfectly, they carry the same rock ‘n roll excess and the new material indicates that their established fan base will not be disappointed with their new album when it sees the light of day. They close their set with a triumphant Beer And Whiskey ,that sees them joined onstage by an enthusiastic member of the crowd, for a rousing alcohol soaked finale. To paraphrase one of The Kingcrows choruses, “they’re gonna grow up one day but that day isn’t now”, and I’m kinda glad it isn’t as The Kingcrows deliver the kind of excessive blend of rock ‘n punk ‘n roll that makes life worthwhile.

AJ Phink,